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Ranking Score Updates

Posted: 08 Dec 2017, 00:37
by Sarah Crossland
Some scores have been updated/corrected and confirmed by the scorers at the following competitions for Harrison Crossland U10 Boys and need updating on the European Rankings
18S027R McCormicks Fall, Seffner, Florida - Round 1 scorer confirmed 2 @ 13m 49kph
Round 2 scorer confirmed 3 @ 13m 49kph (these scores are showing on the USA water ski site)
17GBR022 Cirencester Rankings September, UK - Round 1 scorer has updated speed to 49kph

Many thanks for your help, best regards

Re: Ranking Score Updates

Posted: 08 Dec 2017, 08:40
by admin
Hi Sarah,

The raw data I got does not include the slalom scores of Harisson, nor it is on the scorebook page of that competition.
But as they are in Awsa system (here), and ranking list homologated (class L), I included them into the E&A ranking list.

RL Admin