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coming events

Posted: 20 Aug 2019, 14:06
by PeterB
Dear , I wondered why some events are not published in the calendar . The European Championship youth and junior in Roquebrune (26-30/8) are not published and the Trick competition in Belgium (Heerenlaak ,Maaseik) on 14/9 is not published.
The last one we organise and I wondered if I have to do something to get it published?

Thanks, Peter Beckers

Re: coming events

Posted: 20 Aug 2019, 15:06
by admin
Hi Peter,

Actually, the site is made to publish competitions results, and is not a calendar.

Some competition organizers started using the site to publish competition ahead, without results, as an advertisement calendar for their tournament.
It is up to the organizers to do so, and is not done automatically by E&A.

To do so, you could use the Scoring Software, where you enter a competition with the code, dates, logos, event schedule, jury, participants, but no scores.
Then you "publish" the competition on the web site from the software.

You will need to transmit login and password to the scorer to allow her/him to publish results.
Or you ask the scorer to do that for you, ahead of your competition...

RL Admin

Re: coming events

Posted: 21 Aug 2019, 08:48
by PeterB