U12 Overall score not appearing in U14

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U12 Overall score not appearing in U14

Post by catherinewh »

I have a question Buddy carrington skied as an overall skier in 24GBR001 as an U12

His mother is questioning why these results dont appear in U14 ( his trick & slalom do but no jump or overall ) . I thought it was something to do with the adjustment figure of 10m for jump but I have been informed by Gavin Kelly this is not the case.

Can you give me some clarification so I can go back to the parent ?

Catherine Wharton
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Re: U12 Overall score not appearing in U14

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Hi Catherine,

Buddy Carrington have only one performance recorded in jump this year at 24GBR001 (but 2 in slalom and tricks, at 24GBR001 and 24GBR009)
2 performances on 2 different lake are need to appear in jump ranking list.

He his not classified in U14 overall because 10m are subtracted to his score for U14 overall, making this a 0 overall score as he jumped 8.60m
For U12 overall, only 7m are subtracted, those allowing him to be classified in U12 overall.

RL Admin
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