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Duplicated skier(s)

Posted: 07 Sep 2019, 23:53
by Gamster
Hi there

These two skiers are one and the same:-

Sprang, Mike BEL122000395 & Van Der Ven, Mike BEL962000367

Van Der Ven, Mike BEL962000367 is the real skier; Sprang is a ghost and must be deleted.


The skier with Ranking ID: ITA162000038 can be deleted. He is a ghost for ITA542000090 who is real (Mussano Ribaldone, Filippo)

Re: Duplicated skier(s)

Posted: 08 Sep 2019, 19:13
by admin
Thanks for the message.
Deleted in database.
It will be online by next publication.
I wonder why somebody entered "Sprang" in a scoring file...
but it doesn't matter....

RL Admin