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Re: Ranking List

Posted: 31 Aug 2021, 21:42
by admin
Traube wrote: 31 Aug 2021, 15:47 there is a mistake , in Marcillac la Croizille my score was 2 @ 14 52 instead of 4 @ 22 !

Traube Alain
Hi Alain,

The score submitted by the scorer in the ranking list is 4/52/16 (first pass missed -> 4/22) for the first round of Marcillac.
Both other scores of round 2 and 3 (2@52/14.25) are recorded as "Federal homologation" which is not allowed for ranking list.

If this is a mistake, you should contact the scorer (Muriel Anguenot) or the chief judge (Muriel Fromiau) to check and correct your scores and republish.

RL Admin