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IWWF Cableski Ranking list 2011
Eame Ranking lists

List of included competitions (received homologation dossiers).

News :

  • Last publication: 30th of march 2012
Notes :
  • This is the official ranking list of Iwwf.
    It includes all received homologation dossiers up to now.

  • Slalom, tricks and jump stanking lists are made with the best performances.

  • Ties on the ranking list will be broken by taking the highest score first to break the tie,
    then backed up by the second score, then the third score and so on.

  • All competitions and performances homlogated as "Ranking list" are included.

  • Overall ranking list is made with the overall score made in one round of one competition.
    IWWF overall formulas are applied. IWWF - International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation - Hanworth Lane, Chertsey, Surrey, England copyright © IWWF - all rights reserved