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Trophy Lakes, Charleston, South Carolina

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Malibu Open
Trophy Lakes, Charleston, South Carolina - 29/30 Sep 2017 2017

Malibu Open - Individual classification - Open Men Jump

Malibu Open

Open Men Jump Results

Homologation: World record - 9/29/2017 - 9/30/2017
  Name Country Categ. Performances Round 1 Round 2   Overall
1 Krueger Freddy USA
Ope M   67.1m (220ft) 71.4m (234ft)   1192.80
2 Ellis Scot USA
Ope M   67.3m (221ft) 67.1m (220ft)   1087.40
2 Worden Zack USA
Ope M   63.1m (207ft) 67.1m (220ft)   1082.26
4 Garcia Taylor USA
Ope M   65.4m (215ft) 65.3m (214ft)   1038.56
5 Miranda Rodrigo CHI
Ope M   58.0m (190ft) 65.1m (214ft)   1030.85
6 Miranda Felipe CHI
Ope M   63.6m (209ft) 63.9m (210ft)   1000.00
7 Kolman Martin CZE
Ope M   60.0m (197ft) 62.3m (204ft)   958.87
8 Nelson Cranfield Trent AUS
Ope M   55.6m (182ft) 54.9m (180ft)   786.63 International Waterski and Wakeboard Federation - Europe - Africa, Bekersveld 9, 2630 Aartselaar, Belgium copyright © iwwf-ea - all rights reserved