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Competitions results and ranking lists British Youth, U21 & 35+ Nationals

Gosfield Lake


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Under 10 Boys Slalom
Under 10 Boys Tricks
Under 10 Boys Overall

Under 12 Girls Slalom
Under 12 Girls Tricks
Under 12 Girls Overall

Under 12 Boys Slalom
Under 12 Boys Tricks
Under 12 Boys Overall

Under 14 Girls Slalom
Under 14 Girls Tricks
Under 14 Girls Jump
Under 14 Girls Overall

Under 14 Boys Slalom
Under 14 Boys Tricks
Under 14 Boys Jump
Under 14 Boys Overall

Under 17 Girls Slalom
Under 17 Girls Tricks
Under 17 Girls Jump
Under 17 Girls Overall

Under 17 Boys Slalom
Under 17 Boys Tricks
Under 17 Boys Jump
Under 17 Boys Overall

Under 21 Ladies Slalom
Under 21 Ladies Tricks
Under 21 Ladies Jump
Under 21 Ladies Overall

Under 21 Men Slalom
Under 21 Men Tricks
Under 21 Men Jump
Under 21 Men Overall

Open Ladies Slalom
Open Ladies Tricks
Open Ladies Jump
Open Ladies Overall

Open Men Slalom
Open Men Tricks
Open Men Jump
Open Men Overall

Over 35 Ladies Tricks

Over 35 Men Slalom
Over 35 Men Tricks

Over 45 Ladies Slalom
Over 45 Ladies Overall

Over 45 Men Slalom
Over 45 Men Tricks
Over 45 Men Jump
Over 45 Men Overall

Over 55 Ladies Slalom  (pdf)
Over 55 Ladies Overall

Over 55 Men Slalom
Over 55 Men Tricks
Over 55 Men Jump  (pdf)
Over 55 Men Overall

Over 65 Ladies Slalom
Over 65 Ladies Tricks
Over 65 Ladies Overall

Over 65 Men Slalom
Over 65 Men Tricks
Over 65 Men Jump
Over 65 Men Overall

All results (pdf)
British Youth, U21 & 35+ Nationals
Gosfield Lake - 25/28 Jul 2018 2018

   Chief judge  Gavin Kelly  GBR
   Homologator  Nigel Talamo  GBR
   Technical officer  Vince Turp  GBR
   Scorer  Gill Heath  GBR
   Assistant scorer  Sanchia Outram  GBR
   Judge  Clair Hoile  GBR
   Judge  Claire Ellis  GBR
   Judge  Stuart Hills  GBR
   Judge  Jill Howard  GBR
   Judge  Charlotte Wharton  GBR
   Judge  David Stevenson  GBR
   Judge  Rob Spavin  GBR
   Judge  Robert Hazelwood  GBR
   Chief driver  Ian Campbell  GBR
   Driver  Tony Song  GBR
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